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Palm Beach Tan

701 S Capital Of Texas Hwy # West, West Lake Hills, TX 78746
Palm Beach Tan Mojo 2/ 5
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  • Spray Tanning
  • UV Free Tanning
  • Single Session UV Tanning Level 2
  • One Month Unlimited
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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
You call youself 'tanning experts!?'
Palm Beach Tan raves about their 'trained tanning experts.' When I signed up for their 'Diamond' membership ($80/mo) I was pleased with the 'experts' working at the time (unfortunately, they are no longer there).

After a few mind-numbing experiences (I'll relive two for you).. I think: Is that what you call service?

Day 1: Go in for my usual tan/mystic 'cocktail" session. Give the young girl my name, explain what I would like to do (as always).. she sends me into the bed.. A clean bed? Slightly. Maybe they are sparing with the disinfectant? Post-tan I return to the desk where I am asked for: my name, address, fingerprint, etc. so she can find my account.. AGAIN. She then shows me to the Mystic... to my (and her) surprise: it's not working. The three 'tanning bed attendants' fumble around the building for the next 15 minutes. Surprisingly they figure it out! 'What is your name again?' the girl asks. WHAT! ok.. give her all of my personal info again (third repeat)... wow! I finally make my way to the Mystic.. finish and exit the machine to find: I have not been provided with a single towel... Paper towels... nope! I then use my shirt (fortunate I was wearing two) to dry the solution from my skin! Thanks, 'experts!?'

Day 2: I arrive and ask for my 'usual,' give my name, address, fingerprint, etc. Go into the bed & return she ask for my info (AGAIN). Now I am ready for Mystic.... Not quite yet, the other EMPLOYEE is using the mystic! I then wait for the tanning pre-teen to finish her intra-work tanning experience (15 min) they then take me back... what a concept: It's the customers turn!! I look for towels.. check, paper towels.. check (I would hope so.. an employee just used the machine). Mystic, come out to find... the sensor on the paper towel dispenser is not working... it is jammed. GREAT! I make due with the one towel I was rationed and leave with out so much as a "thank you."

Then again, it is a tanning salon.. maybe I shouldn't expect much...

Recommended: Yes
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